SpaceX Dragon Cargo Reaches Earth from ISS

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Reaches Earth from ISS

After spending some at the International Space Station, the SpaceX Dragon Cargo has reached back to earth, containing experiments and other hardware from the source. The package consisted of more than 2 tons of gear and other elements from the ISS, which will be used for further studies, experiment and repairing. The package was expected to reach two days earlier, but the weather caused the delay of two days. The Dragon reached at 3:03 EDT, in the Pacific Ocean. The same package would be delivered to California for analysis as well as the further actions to be done. The representatives of SpaceX had confirmed the launch of Dragon via its official Twitter account.

It is the third resupply mission that was done using SpaceX Dragon carrier. The cargo consists of some really important material that would do the research on the life on space. There are some mice, which were used to study the impact of Zero Gravity on the muscles and bones. It also consists of the Robonaut 2. Robonaut 2 is an experimental humanoid that has been in orbit for around 7 years and has now required assistant due to circuitry problems. NASA officials said that the Robonaut may be launched again to the orbit once its issue has been fixed.

It has been a big day for people at NASA, since two major events were taking place. While the Dragon capsule was being received, there was another project that sent InSight Mars Lander to the red planet. It also marks a good point for SpaceX, which has been carrying out such missions in the past. In related news, the Falcon 9 is expected to take humans to the space real soon. While it is the second flight of Dragon capsule, it is the 11th mission that was done with the help of SpaceX.

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