With Mid-Term Elections in Mind, Google Announces Ad Transparency Policies

With Mid-Term Elections in Mind, Google Announces Ad Transparency Policies

The mid-term elections are ahead and Google seems to take the issue of advertising seriously. As first step of this, the company has launched a revised policy regarding the publishing of politics. This will put Google in a position where there is better transparency when it comes to political advertising and their impacts. This comes, of course, due to the backlash and related issues of the 2016 election. The new policies for the United States election ads were explained in a blog post that was published by Kent Walker. The whole plan seems to be detailed and practice-oriented.

As the first step of ensuring transparency, Google would demand political advertisers to present the proof of US citizenship or residence. It means that a non-US resident will not be able to publish political ads using the advertising platform of Google. While the company has not made clear which type of document would be used for verification, it is sure that Google wants to implement transparency in the buying process. This is also helpful as far as the public knowledge of spending is concerned. This move does not come as a surprise since Google had pure luck to escape from being subjected to public criticism while Facebook and others did face pressure and tension from the Congress.

In the blog post, Kent Walker also mentions the concept of Transparency Report, which is a database of the information regarding political advertising and the money being spent for that. The Vice President also added that Google is currently working on some other aspects to protect the privacy of election data that may be shared via their platforms. It also talks about the Protect Your Election tools, developed by Alphabet. Overall, it seems that Google does not want to face criticism for the lack of transparency but also makes a leap.

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