Much-Controversial GeForce Partner Program Cancelled by NVIDIA

Much-Controversial GeForce Partner Program Cancelled by NVIDIA

NVIDIA had launched the GeForce Partner Program with many hopes in mind, saying that the program would create a platform where the gaming community has a choice to go for GeForce when they need one. After it had flourished, however, the program had faced a lot of criticism from gamers, manufacturers and overall technology industry. Today, NVIDIA has taken the bold action to shut down the program, thus deciding not to address the issue of controversy, rumors or anything else. Through a relatively detailed blog post, NVIDIA has made it clear that the GeForce Partner Program was launched with good intentions in mind and that the company does not have time to spend on the misinformation regarding the program.

The core idea of the GeForce Partner Program was to enhance the reach of NVIDIA products by creating an environment where manufacturers are encouraged to use the NVIDIA products in the gaming gear. For doing this, these manufacturers were being offered better promotion and early access to the innovative tech that NVIDIA is working on. One of the controversial point here was that the gaming gear by the manufacturer must be aligned to the GeForce hardware. Of course, this has caused problems as far as the competition in the industry is concerned.

Although NVIDIA does not admit it, it is clear that the graphics tech giant wanted to establish more power, extra stability and exclusivity in the market. By making it mandatory that the partnering manufacturers must align the devices exclusively to NVIDIA hardware, it had taken the possibility of launching devices with other graphics card. One practical issue being shown is of ASUS, who was forced to launch another series when it wanted to make use of AMD cards. Now that the GPP has been plugged off, the industry can possibly see a bit healthier competition between brands, along with choices.

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