believes in sharing information that is acquainted with our viewers regarding the privacy policy. This may be in terms collection of data and how researching is being processed, allowing the users to decide the value of website, and agreement towards the company norms. Additionally, the personal information gathered here is related particularly to the general spectators and not children’s. The policy is all about collating data and user’s personal information.

Collating facts

Our website at the same time collects information related to you that are included in the below points:

Data shared by you: This may include name, email address, zip code, gender provided by you, to receive latest updates or newsletter and so on.

Users activities: While accessing our web page or interacting with our site, we collate some data pertaining to the user. That involves data related to the user’s browser type, transactional stats, geolocation information, and IP address. All the information gathered here are trustworthy and this can be accessed even from your mobile device. However, most of the browsers are located to receive cookies, while it’s up to the users wish whether to opt for this option or to block or else can set a notification when cookies are being sent. This may, in fact, affect your setting by not accepting the cookies, wherein users may have certain limitations towards the features and important contents.

Pursuing new techniques: This might include cookies, pixel, beacons which are used for storing the information related to the utility of our website. The information collated here may be associated with the content users have visited, pages viewed, and a number of times you may have run the search option.

Use of data by another party: In fact, other service providers use the same technology for chasing the data. Our website does not include any such criteria’s to resemble the information or technologies of other organizations, we are solely independent with our own thoughts and policies.

Additional database collected: Besides the information gathered from individual users, we even track information from various sources accessible from business associates, media partners, as well from commercial sources.


Our website takes care of the information that is shared here in are safer, it uses various methods to safeguard the information pertaining to user’s personal information by using physical, administrative and individual figures. This is done to make sure the information collected is possessing the security from theft, loss of data, any modification done or use of data from other sources. However, we cannot assure you of providing 100 percent guarantee in protecting your information.

Data accessibility and control by user: Users can update their information, or alteration as and when required, or in case the user would like to limit their personal information, can get in touch with our team. Before proceeding, users are asked to fill the particulars to resolve their query or issue. The user has to mention email address, name, and contact number along with the reason for the request. Our team will process your request within certain working days considering your required updates as soon as possible.

Information usage and exposure: Whatever information collected from you and relevant to you is for the purpose of measuring and enhancing our website and various features so that we can smoothly process your inquiries, providing reliable information you are looking out for, interesting topics, as well to improvise experiencing with our website. However, in case the information shared by you is not relevant to you or if its fake then we can share the same with the third party without concerning you in the future.

There some limitations in accessing important information such as:

To get in touch with you: Our website shares information periodically, it’s up to the users wish whether to stop receiving this notification by clicking on unsubscribe in the emails received, provided there are certain norms that are unchangeable related to the website.

Permission to share the information with service providers: Our website shares your information with another party that includes contractors, sponsors, and agents that can assist in managing the blogs.

Security issues to protect the website privacy: At a certain point, we need to disclose the data, to defend, to protect user’s information for safety purpose, to accept the legal formalities, to avoid fraudulent and any governmental requirement.

More to share related to our website:

No need of sharing the information concerning to user’s cultural activities, security codes, political suggestions, health-related so on. Our website may be accessed by other unauthorized user’s or may provide information as per their requirement. So to avoid this we always suggest our users go through the privacy policy once you exit our blog site.

Changes in the Privacy policy: At any movement, we can make changes to our privacy policy, all you need is to check the same when you visit our website so that you remain updated.

Data storage: Our website holds the right to store your personal information as long as the company desires to, and can extend the time period in case required.

To get in touch with us:

Feel free to get in touch with us for any query related to our privacy policy at